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A FRIEND 09.13.2017.


A friend has the same meaning in all languages around the globe. The word friend certainly has a warm and blissful meaning no matter where and how it is pronounced: friend, freund, Freund, przyjaciel, prieten, drug, ami, amico... it bears within itself the subtlety of feelings, the power of good spirit and of love for another similar being, something that immortalizes humanity – love and happiness!

Friends can be divided into numerous types and subtypes. Some types of friends are: friends from elementary school, from childhood, friends from the army, from faculty, from sports, home friends, friends of a wife or a husband, friends out of interest. Subtypes can be: lying friends, envious friends, dishonest, insidious, as well as a stack of others...

Yet, there is a small group of special friends, the so-called group of true friends, and it is, as a rule, very small (at the most two or three people). I remembered a thought, read long ago:
„You are as rich as many sincere friends you have!“

In that case I am a millionaire, even a billionaire, since I have more than three:
Vasili, Simo, Igor, Miloš, Saša, Goša, Zurab, Dragiša, Karen, Andrei... and that is why I have to save them!

Sincere friendship is nourished by eternal pouring in more of life-giving water, and it, like a beautiful rose bush, grows and blooms. Friendship, what is it in the time we live in? How to define it? And is it at all necessary to determine dimensions and measures of this wonderful word? – No, certainly not! Friendship is like love, one gives and gives oneself, while not expecting anything in return.

The true friend is an honorable, moral and brave man guided by the thought of the never-defeated Marshal Suvorov:
„Perish, but save your comrade“!!!

We all, at least once in our life, had the need for an offered hand, or we have offered it ourselves. It is enough to grip the hand firmly and everything is said, quietly, voicelessly, but in truth purely and grandly.

My friends are just like that, marvelous, distinguished from all the other categories of friends, their types and subtypes. They are simply the beings of the other world, of brilliant light, full of kindness, clearly a bit fossils, just like me, in this extremely morally worn-out world.

That is why I keep them and rejoice at the same time that the good God has given me such priceless treasure, precisely my sincere friends!

Dr. Ilija Jorga